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Eagle vs Vulture: A Tawny Eagle toppling
a Lappet Winged Vulture, largest in Africa

Fight For Food!

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I revisited Africa to witness
a thousand miracles!

Raw Nature

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In the wild, most often a new life just born
ends up giving life to many by becoming easy food.

Raw Nature!

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At the Delta, Botswana Elephants rules
the vast expanse of water bodies.

Okavango Delta

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This image is the result of my last ten years
pursuit of photographing the iconic
Indian Tigers in its natural habitat.

Fire in The Forest

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A nesting site identified and established by
legendary ornithologist Dr. Salim Ali.

Pelicans of Raganathittu

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Birds always starts a
new day with a song!

Rays of Hope

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The vast expanse of Savannah at Tanzania is homeland
for this majestic awe-inspiring Masai king.

Lions King, Serengeti, Tanzania

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Serengiti grassland breaking into its full bloom
just before handing it over to the nocturnals.

Iconic Sun-Set

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Rhinoceros are rapidly vanishing, white Rhinos
gone, few two horned are fighting their last
battle to survive, but the magnificent One Horn
Rhinoceros are thriving with an exemplary
conservation story at Assam.

Kaziranga, The Rhino Hub

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Published by The Telegraph, London, this
Image carries a deep emotion as I shot this
call of a tiger during my early days of wildlife
photography...the call was indeed strong :)

Call of The Wild

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A shot that shows this prehistoric animal in its true
old-world setup. Received 1st prize from the Government
of Assam, "Van Mahotsav" photo competition.

1st Prize For The Raising Rhino!

Jackle Sojurn

Shot at Bharatpur, this image won
ICICI Bank Golden Moment Award.

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Lioned Tailed Macaque

Shot at Velparai

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At the 1700ft, this peak within Pir Pranjal range of Himalaya
involves a technical climb to reach the summit.

Summited Friendship Peak, Aug 2018

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Ran the worlds highest peak marathon.
a run at 11,200 ft. at Leh Ladakh, 2017.

Ladakh Marathon

Shares passion for Wildlife